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Minutes: 10/17 Meeting

-Marla is riding in a parade the day after Thanksgiving in Portland, she needs people to ride with her. If you're interested, contact Marla.

-Thanks to everyone for all your help at the show! We actually pulled it off!

-Montana State University Show
-The following people have said they are definitely coming, unless we hear from you VERY soon, Katie will be entering you in classes and assuming that you will be there:
-The following people are maybes and MUST contact Katie toworrow (10/18) to let her know for sure. She will assume you are not coming unless she hears from you tommorow.
-We will be leaving Thursday, Nov 2 at 6 pm from Portand (plan to leave Eugene by 3)
-We will be returning on the 6:55 am flight out of Bozeman on Sunday, Nov 5
-Check your e-mail for flight numbers, so you can make travel arrangements, we will be sending them out shortly.

-We're cancelling (um, rescheduling) Phunk You

-If you need to contact Katie and do not know how, here ya go, keep it handy:   E-mail:
Phone: 485-7222