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University of Oregon Club Sports IHSA



  In IHSA competitions riders earn points that accumulate and qualify the rider for the Regional Competition. In all divisions except Open the points carry over from year to year with 35 points being the qualifying mark to go to Regionals. Once a rider hits 35 points they bump up a division and start to accumulate points again. The Open divisions are a little different. The point accumulation is to 28 points and they cannot be carried over from year to year.

For the 2001-2002 school year:

Point break-down is as follows: 1st-7, 2nd-5, 3rd-4, 4th-3, 5th-2,6th-1.

Rider's Name Western Reining English Fences
Beka B.        
Amanda B.        
Chelsea C.        
Marissa D.        
Carrie D.        
Alexia K.        
Jennifer L.        
Erin M.        
Ellen M.        
Jen S.        
Kim T.        
Robin W.        
Misty W.        

* already qualified for Regionals.

** signifies Open Division.


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